PT. Pohon Mas Sejahtera | Triple Screw Pump
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Triple Screw Pumps


S Series Triple Screw Pumps are positive displacement rotatory pumps for handling clear, lubricating liquids without solid content in the most demanding applications. Providing smooth constant flow across a wide range of viscosities, temperatures and pressures, these extremely efficient pumps are reliable, compact, self-priming, low noise and environmentally friendly.


  • petrochemical industry: handling various light, heavy fuel oils, lubricating oils and waste oil
  • Machinery industry: transporting lubricating oils; cooling recycling pump and hydraulic pump
  • Ship building industry: for transporting, boosting, fuel jetting and marine hydraulic pumps
  • Chemical industry: handling oil paints, greases, wax, glue, resin and other emulsions
  • Storage industry: loading and unloading and transfer pump in tank farms; loading and unloading pump at dock
  • Power industry : oil pump, lubricating oil pump for hydraulic power stations; ignitions oil pump for furnace at fire power plants
  • paper industry: lubricating oil pump for paper maker



  • low pressure fluctuation, stable flow
  • strong self-priming capability, reverse rotation, high efficiency
  • low noise and vibration
  • Compact construction and size for ease of install and maintenance



  • Pump casing: Cast iron/ductile iron/cast steel/cast stainless steel
  • Shaft: Alloy steel/stainless steel/stainless steel
  • stuffing box: Grey cast iron
  • Casings constructions to select:
    • Side inlet, Side outlet